At Ayush Ayurvedic, we strive to provide the best and authentic Ayurveda consultation, treatment, therapies and massages to any patient who walks through our doors. Our service not only makes us uphold the traditional values of Ayurveda medicine but it also lets our patients feel better and recommend our services as they know we whole heartedly ensure their well-being. Read to what some of our patients have to say about our services and treatments.  


2 years ago, my right finger joints had become swollen and painful. I couldn’t clench my hand or even hold a coffee cup because of the pain.

I went to see a medical doctor and he said I had to go for an MRI because it might be rheumatism or arthritis or some other joint ailment. At the very worst, the doctor said I might have to go for exploratory surgery on my fingers to see what was wrong. In the event it was arthritis or rheumatism, I would have to live with the pain because there is no cure for it. I refused to accept this doctor’s opinion.

Instead, I went to Ayush Ayurvedic for a second opinion and Dr Ajith was very confident that my condition could be cured but it would take a few months. So I took the medicine Dr Ajith prescribed and also signed up for the ayurvedic oil therapy.

In the first week, there was only a little improvement but after 3 weeks, my fingers were less painful. So I decided to continue the medication and therapy. After 6 months, I was 99% better. I no longer have any pain or swelling and can go about my normal duties.

It took time for complete recovery but I’m glad it was all done without any invasive surgery or guesswork.

I’m very happy with the treatment I received in Ayush Ayurvedic. I’m also very pleased with the high standard of professional care from Dr Ajith and the 2 therapists, Unnikrishnan and Srikumar.

- Mr Alvin Ng
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I have degeneration of the cartilage in my knees. After completing my first course of therapy, i felt better.  I am going through my 2nd course of therapy currently. I realised and i have faith that Ayurveda will help but takes time.
- Mr P D Nadarajan
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I am 61 years old and have been suffering from chronic pain and swelling in my knees and ankles for more than 2 years. I was recommended to see Dr Ajith who prescribed a course of therapy and medicines. With a fortnight, i have experienced a marked improvement. I am able to walk and manage my errands better.
- Mdm Letchmi
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I am not the first, and won’t be the last to say how much I enjoy the 3 hours of your music show… 

I would like to compliment you on your health segment.. Not only is it informative, but also, very helpful. Would appreciate it if you can extend my thanks to Dr Varsha, who has been a great help in providing us with some extra tips on health.

I want to especially mention a segment a few weeks back on home remedies Dr Varsha had given for simple, yet everyday ailments. I could not note down all the remedies but I managed to quickly jot down 3, on diabetes, dandruff and toothache! Although I have never been a die-hard fan of Ayurveda, I do very much believe in home remedies. My dad, on the other hand is atrue follower of Ayurvedic treatments.

Exactly a day or two after the episode above, my Indonesian helper was having a toothache, visibly painful, her jaw was swollen and she could not eat. She didn’t want to see a dentist, and we all know how difficult it is in Singapore to get an appointment when you really need one. I told her of the clove oil remedy and she made it immediately. I didn’t have the sesame oilneeded so we used our normal Canola cooking oil. Miraculously, the next day, my helper was smiling, and also called up her mom to give her the remedy too. The following day, she looked as if nothing had happened!!

Last week, another friend asked if I could recommend a dentist for his wife who was having a lot of pain. Although I did give him the contact of a clinic close by, I sent the same remedy to his wife and told her this is the best “first aid” she must try out. Yesterday, I received a message from the couple telling me how effective the oil had been.

Would like to say a very big Thank You to Dr Varsha for her efforts and tell her that we are listening and following her remedies which are working!! I would always welcome these tips again and again.
- Sapna Ramesh Vasnani
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I used to be very tired all the time. Especially when getting up from bed in the morning. After 3 months of taking medication and therapy from Ayush, i can feel very fresh most times. i get up in the morning feeling very refreshed. It made a good difference, especially for my work and family.
- Mr Bernard Tan
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 A gift of gratitude by our patient Ms Nancy Ang. Nancy had 1 year of combination of  Ayurvedic therapies at Ayush Ayurvedic. 

Stitching By Nancy Ang


My name is Clarence and I have been suffering from psoriasis since 2000. When it first appeared, I did not know what it was and had used steroid creams. I then tried TCM which had worked but only to have it come back even worse 6 years later.

I then tried naturopathy but it did not yield much result until I chanced upon Ayush Aryuveda and Dr. Ajit. Dr. Ajit saw the anxiety and despair I was in and quickly started me on treatment which included consuming medicines and having oils/herbs massages which was administered by an excellent therapist, Rahman, together with thakra. I also had to change to a vegetarian diet.

Within 1 month of treatment, my condition began to improve significantly. With the improvement, I became more confident and happier. I am now about 95% clear and I will continue with the treatment until full recovery.

I wish to thank Dr. Ajit and my personal therapist, Rahman, for giving sufferers like me hope and for their excellent care and guidance.

Clarence Anthony

- Anthony Clarence
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I have been suffering from psoriasis for quite a while and have been to various ayurvedic doctors but after accidentally finding Ayush at serangoon, dr Ajiths prescription of treatment healed me in 2 weeks! I’m alot more confidence in exhibiting my arms and fingers. I’m still on medication and managing it with the guidance of Dr Ajith. Thank you Dr. Trully Appreciate your healing techniques.

- Rajan
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Just a quick note of encouragement, please thank Unni for me again, he really is THE BEST.  I feel so much better its unbelievable.  i do more than 70 flights a year and at least 60 would be international so always tired and tense, he’s a gem.  I wish I was rich and he could travel with me.


- Daniel Mays
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Just a quick note of encouragement, please thank Unni for me again, he really is THE BEST.  I feel so much better its unbelievable.  i do more than 70 flights a year and at least 60 would be international so always tired and tense, he’s a gem.  I wish I was rich and he could travel with me.


- Anne Chan
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I read Ayush article in a local Japanese magazine and was interested in the Sirodhara treatment. I went for the therapy. The clinic was very clean and professional. The staff was very helpful. I really enjoyed the treatment. I hope to do the treatment every month.

- Akari Mizukawa
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My husbands and I got Chikungunya early May and we were very sick for few weeks, especially I had terrible pains in joints. I was afraid the effects of Viral infection will last months and months and there was no indication the conventional medicine could help me….In June I decided to try Ayurvedic treatment and I went to Ayush clinic in Singapore, where Dr Karthikeyan recommended a combination of medicines and massage. I noticed the recovery process in just few days and I got motivated to persist and keep doing the treatment for nearly two months. By end of August my health was fully restored and I was able even to travel overseas.
I wish to share my trust and confidence in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine and highly recommend this alternative method. Beside the immediate positive effect on physical condition, the kindness and dedication of the team of therapists at Singapore Ayush is outstanding.
- Dahlia
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