Everyone wants flawless, porcelain skin and in today’s world there are cosmetic products filled with chemicals claiming to deliver exceptional results. Instead of loading up your skin with unnecessary toxins, explore Ayurveda for your beauty needs. There are several therapies which help detox your skin and leave it soft, supple and glowing, bringing out the beauty from within.


Abhyangam involves massaging herbal oil all over the body. This treatment is deeply relaxing and the gentle pressure and the healing oils used help revive the skin leaving it soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Beauty is not just skin deep and Abhyangam deeply penetrates skin, leaving it clean and fresh. Indulge in Abhyangam at Ayush and feel the difference.



Njavarakizhi is done using linen poultices filled with rice. It helps promote circulation of blood and aids in pulling all toxins out of the body through the pores. This therapy helps reduce cholesterol and makes muscles healthy, supple and toned. Ayush ayurvedic offers Njavarakizhi therapy which nourishes skin and keeps it looking flawless and healthy.


Pizhichil is an Ayurvedic massage that involves medicated herbal oils that stimulate the nerves and is a fine treatment for toning skin. Prevent dry flaking skin and wrinkles from appearing with this hydrating therapy that relaxes the entire body arrests ageing giving a youthful fresh look. Discover a younger version of you with Pizhichil. Experience the treatment at Ayush ayurvedic which will bring a flush to your cheeks and keep you looking your best.



Cellulite can cause a worn appearance to your skin. Get rid of it in a simple yet effective natural way with Udwarthanam therapy at Ayush. This treatment involves scrubbing the body with herbal oils and powders, which exfoliates the skin, removes excess fat in body and keeps it youthful and glowing. Skin feels younger, healthy with drastically improved skin texture, reduced pores and you truly look your best with Udwarthanam.

Say no to all the harsh products and visit Ayush to rediscover yourself and experience natural beauty with various therapies which are targeted to keep you looking young, glowing and flawless without any makeup at all! Consult our experts for diet plans which go hand in hand with ayurvedic treatments to rediscover beauty from the inside out. Natural beauty redefined with natural therapies only at Ayush.