Consultation is free. The consultation by our physicians entail the following methodologies:

We are capable of handling all kinds of medical issues, particularly chronic, rare and persistent ailments. The sanctuary is fully equipped with all essential infrastructure including traditional droni therapy beds, steam showers and jacuzzi. All the treatments are offered at an affordable cost. We can show you the way to a natural, safe and effective approach to health care.

  • Nadi pariksha, i.e. pulse diagnosis
  • Determination of the body constitution, i.e. the predisposition of the clients dosha ( Vata = ether + air, Pita = fire + water or Kapha = water + earth )
  • Advice on personal health issues, diet and lifestyle

What to do before a consultation

Check In: Clients should be present at least ten (10) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order not to disrupt the therapies scheduled for other clients.

Food: Clients are advised not to take any meals immediately before the therapy. A light meal may be at taken at least half (1/2) ) an hour, and a full meal at least one (1) hour, before the therapy.

Attire: Clients are advised to be attired in loose and comfortable attire.

Valuables: Please leave valuables at home. The management accepts no responsibility for any loss of money or valuables brought into the Sanctuary.

Assignment of Therapists: We will endeavor our best to assign a therapist preferred by the client. Nevertheless, due to demand aggregation, another therapist may be assigned.

Payment Mode: Cash/NETS/Credit Cards

Cancellation: We appreciate cancellation notice of at least one (1) day to provide sufficient notice to others who may wish to take up the vacant slot.

Etiquette: In our efforts to ensure that all clients benefit from the therapies we provide, we seek your kind understanding to keep noise level to a minimum. Kindly switch off all electronic devises.


  • Prices are nett (No GST)
  • 10% discount will be offered for a package of more than 7 therapies. Each package will be personalized and will comprise different therapies to suit each client.
  • All prepayments will be insured by ECICs Ltd as set out in the Spa Protection Scheme under Case Trust for Spa & Wellness Business accreditation. A Temporary Cover Note will be issued for each prepayment.
  • All prices are exclusive of GST.

(Revision No: 1-14 April 2014)