Small linen bags filled with medicated powder made from roots of 12 herbal plants are heated and applied all over the body to induce sweating in the Podikizhi therapy. This has a beneficial effect for lower back pain and relieves inflammation in the back. The herbal powders have an immediate pain-relieving action. Experience it with the podikizhi treatment at Ayush.



This is a whole-body massage which is done upon the whole body and the head with special oils. This light pressure massage tones the muscles and brings down swelling or inflammation of muscles in the back. Ayush offers Pizhichil which can drastically improve any back pain associated with muscle strains, disc problems and spondylosis.



Kativasthi is a popular Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, in which heat is applied to specific portion of the body by retaining warm medicated oil inside a localised dam built of herbal paste. Kativasthi has a large beneficial effect by relieving sciatica pain and in Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse (IVDP) This therapy is available at Ayush to soothe your lower back disc problems.



Herbal poultices are warmed in medicated oils and used to massage the entire body, neck, shoulders, hands and back in the Elakizhi treatment offered at Ayush. This therapy helps ease chronic back pain caused by sports injury, stiffness, spondylosis and sprains. It provides gradual relief and alleviates symptoms with regular treatment.



Abhyangam is a relaxing and refreshing full body massage with medicated herbal oils to take care of physical, mental, emotional well being of individuals. Undergo this therapy at Ayush and experience relief from lower back pain by deeply massaging sore areas with the patient laying in different positions.

Ayush has trained physicians who are well versed in ayurvedic therapies and treatments who prescribe the appropriate treatment to help you sort out your back issues without any hassle. Come change your life for the better by getting rid of one and all your back issues with ayurvedic therapies only at Ayush.